Acreage Homes Builder Sydney

Looking to design and build your modern dream acreage home?

There really is no limit to what can be achieved with acreage home designs.

Unlike the design constraints when building a home on a standard sized block, townhouse or apartment, when you are designing a home for acreage anything is possible, even your imagination isn’t limited because you’ve got us to work with you on designing the perfect acreage house plans for you and your family.  We will make sure that nothing gets missed.

Working with a builder who specialises in building acreage homes means you get our wealth of knowledge and years of experience.  Your luxury home design will be everything you’ve ever dreamt of.  The beauty of your home and the surrounding acreage will be a home that you’ll be able to share with friends and family for years to come.


The vast amount of space means you have the opportunity to create your own little piece of heaven.  Imagine having your luxury acreage home designed with everything you’ve ever wanted.  Your modern acreage home will truly be a haven for you and your family, reflecting your lifestyle perfectly.

Whether it’s the perfect space inside to sit around a cosy fire in winter with a glass of red, or the outdoor entertainment area with your pool, outdoor entertainment kitchen and beautiful landscaped gardens that have been taken into consideration during the home design process.  Building the perfect home for acreage is exciting and with Style Homes building for you will be something you will enjoy the process of.

Much like doing a jigsaw puzzle, building your quality custom designed home on acreage is not quite the same as building a house on a standard sized block there are many pieces that need to be put together in the correct order.

You really do need to have a builder who has a design team and are themselves design experts.  You need to have a team who is working with you to make sure you get every single piece of the puzzle so that you get your perfect dream house design for your acreage shape and size.

As your builder we know exactly what it’s like to design and build a home on acreage because we have done it for ourselves and our own family.  We are able to really put ourselves in your shoes and work with you through every single piece of the puzzle to make sure nothing gets missed.  Starting from designing your acreage home and making sure it is in the right spot on the block all the way through to making sure all council rules and regulations are covered off so we actually get it approved through council.

Every step of the way, you need to know that you have a builder who specialises in acreage homes.

Choosing the right acreage home builder, means you get to remove so much of the stress that can often come with building a new acreage or rural home.  There are so many factors to consider when building a new home on acreage that are absolutely crucial to the enjoyment of your acreage home for many years to come.

There really are so many different factors to consider when you are building on an acreage block since your land is more isolated and each of these factors requires a specialised solution. Some of the factors to consider are; impacts of power usage & management, waste treatment, the catching and storing of water, fencing, access roads, bushfire prevention, windbreaks, your telephone/ internet options and maintenance just to name a few.

Guilio Ranieri and the team at Style Homes are builders who specialise in acreage homes, with over 23 years of experience in design & development, so we understand the additional considerations that need to be addressed when building with acreage house plans in Australia.

We heavily revolve our philosophy around making the absolute most out of our stunning Australian and surrounding landscape. We are creating generous, spacious and harmonious designs for our clients by assisting them each step of the way, whilst designing their acreage house plans, which is one the most critical part of the acreage building process.

If planned correctly, with functional positioning of the rooms meeting your needs, the land and your lifestyle, and with all the factors being cared for by us, your acreage builder, and with all the council approval and considerations of any particular area of land and climate, we guarantee you will enjoy you building journey with us of your new dream luxurious house on acreage.