Dual Occupancy – How to Choose between an attached or detached design for your block

How to choose between an attached or detached style duplex when building a dual occupancy


Restrictions on those are your council land zoning. So every area, every block is under a certain zone. Then that might also stretch out to the size of your land.

So how would you know? Is that something that I can do?  Do you have to ring the council? Or is that something you can help people with?

Yes, so generally people can give us their address, and we can do search through the council, and speak with the department that looks after Local Environment Plans.  

You can find that department  in the backend of the council websites or we can do it for you.  We would do an address search on those and it’ll tell you what the land-zoning is for your block of land.

Then we can look to see what’s permissible on that land, and then dig a bit deeper into if you are allowed to do a dual occupancy on there plus what the site restrictions imposed around your area are.

If it’s restricted to a certain land-size, they cap it off at say for example in the Penrith area, up to 600 m2 it has to be attached, so they have to be joined. Anything that is 650 m2 land size and over you can then do detached, so they can be separate.

Because we know where to look for that information we can easily do that for people however you can also generally give the council a call and speak with the duty planner or whoever’s on at the time can do a very similar search for you.

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