The difference between a custom builder and a volume builder


A custom builder will typically design the home to what you’re asking for. It will be a custom design with all your requirements.

A volume builder has set designs already completed. They’ll have different designs and from those designs you choose the house you like out of their set designs, and they’ll take that design and stick it on your block.

Volume builders may have different facades that you can choose from, but generally you’re buying a pre-designed home that everyone else in your area also has.

You either like it way it is, or you look for a different design out of their standard stock. They don’t actually build anything to suit your individual tastes. You can change the designs but that’s where they start hitting you with the variations and extra costs.

Volume builders don’t generally like to change the designs because everything from their slab designs to frame manufacturers are set templates.

So when they go to their contractors with building model number 35, the contractor already knows what it’s going to look like.

For example, if you wanted to extend the back another metre, it would create more work internally for everybody and they would start charging you for that. So to move a wall one metre out to make the room one metre bigger could add $30,000 to the cost of your home.

It’s a way to get extra money out of their customers as well as acting as a deterrent for customers wanting to make alterations so that it doesn’t upset their flow. Because the more you change, the more they have to manage.

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