Dual Occupacy – How to future plan

DUAL OCCUPANCY – Can I future Plan for a Dual Occupancy or Development?

If you’re thinking about future planning and decide that a dual occupancy development could be something you’d like to do in 10 years time, can you invest in the planning of it now and then build later?

Yes, If you can’t actually afford to do it now, and can only afford to build one house but know that once you have some equity in that property, it is probably an option to the second build at sometime in the future.

If that’s your ultimate goal, then look at the options of doing it upfront or yes you can do some future planning so that your block of land and plans are ready to go for the future build.

We can always look at options and say, okay let’s do an overall design of how it’s going to look when it’s finished in 10 years time. Let’s look at making house number one, where you’re going to live now, practical and functional, knowing that in five or ten years time you’re going to want to build another one in the back. So, we would do an overall sight concept of how it’s gonna look, at the end goal.

We can split it and say okay we’ll do the first house as stage one now, and we know that we’ve already set everything up and we’ve designed that front house as a single functioning property that is ready for stage two (the second dwelling) at a later date without having to modify anything with the existing house.

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