Dual Occupancy Homes Builder Sydney


Are you thinking of renovating and/or investing in property?

Are you also wondering what to do for the best return on investment (ROI)?

Dual Occupancy could be the answer you were looking for.

A dual occupancy is commonly known as a duplex. It is made up of 2 dwellings, whether attached or unattached, on a single property.

With continuous increasement of the population within the cities around Australia, dual occupancy has become an incredibly popular choice for home owners, property developers and investors looking to maximise returns on their real estate investments.

Multi-family or dual occupancy homes have a very strong reputation for lucrative returns in the right property market, giving the owner the opportunity to get the maximum value from their land space.


How can I maximise my ROI with dual Occupancy?


The choice of usage of your land plays a large portion in the success of your development, which is why, having an experienced dual occupancy builder like Style Homes, is crucial in making your dream dual occupancy project come true.

Giulio Ranieri and the team at Style Homes, ensures to inspect and understand each situation very carefully so we can maximise the efficiency and practicality of your dual occupancy designs so that you get the highest ROI out of your investment.

Every site is different, and there are also many factors to considered, such as, the council zoning laws, style, size and complexity of your land, your goals for the property and your budget constraints, just to name a few.

Our many years of experience will assist you and guide you every step of the way in developing high-end side by side dual occupancy designs and/or your dual occupancy home designs on a narrow block to its fullest potential.


Considering all of the unique challenges that are associated with a dual occupancy building including your tastes, needs and practicality, making it a very simple and enjoyable process when you build with Style Homes.

There are many advantages in building your dual occupancy design including:

Privacy: even though the 2 properties have a common wall, there are no shared rooms or shared entrance. The properties are self-contained, and have their own perks such as backyard, garage, and own facilities.

Better than a granny flat:  A duplex will be more attractive to a potential buyer or investor than a traditional house with granny flat because they can easily rent it out separately and/or live in one property and rent the other one, offering great investment opportunities and possibilities.

In conclusion, dual occupancy is a good option to look at and to see if you are eligible to build and create a dual occupancy design

, you are welcome to contact us for a FREE first consultation. We are the perfect dual occupancy builders to share this journey with you having done it many times over.