Can I build a Dual Occupancy in a New Estate?

I’ve bought a block of land in a new estate. Can I build a Dual Occupancy on that block of land?

That depends on the estate planning rules, a lot of these new estates have planning guidelines which are separate to but form a part the general Council guidelines.

Many Councils do allow it, for example, recently we had one for a development application alignment in a new area with houses all around it.

We were permitted to build a true walk up with a side-by-side attached to it. You cancel the lineament with just general housing around it and that block size was about 550 square metres so it’s not a huge block. So a lot of Councils do allow that.

We like to try this on a 15-meter frontage or a little bit more, because by the time you come off your side boundaries, in each unit, then you don’t want it to be too skinny and narrow.

But if someone has a 16-meter-wide block and they’re on a corner, they have to allow extra space on one side, which means they effectively have only 14 metres to actually build on, can you do anything with that?

Yes, we say corner blocks are better for Dual Occupancy, because with corner blocks you have two street frontages. You can play with the design, so instead of having a side-by-side facing the street, you have one facing one street, and the other one facing the secondary street, with two separate accesses. That’s is definitely more beneficial, because you can play with the design to make it work a lot better with the site and you’re not restricted to having two very skinny units.

You can manipulate that to make it work better, so yes, corner blocks are always better for individual occupancy.

“Corner blocks have two street frontages and you can play with the design to make it work a lot better with the site”

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