The Step By Step Process for Getting Started with Dual Occupancy

The Step By Step Process for Getting Started with A Dual Occupancy Build

If you’re looking at buying a block, or you already have a block the first step for getting started with creating a dual occupancy is to go to your local Council to determine if you can create a Dual Occupancy.

If that is the purpose for you to buy the block, then phone the council with the Lot and DP number, which you can get off the contract or ask your salesman.

Simply ask the Council. “I’m looking at buying this is the block of land and I want to create a Dual Occupancy. Will I be able to do it?”

Give them the address and council will tell you straight away if that property is in the right zone, and they’ll even point you in the right direction of what development controls to look at and things like that.

So that is step one.

They won’t tell you all the finer details of how to design it and how to make it fit, but they’ll tell you if it is permitted or if it cannot be done.

The next step is to determine what you can build on it. You have to start looking deeper into each layer of the development controls to determine what the restrictions are.

The height of the building, the amount of floorspace, the floor area I can have. The landscape area may have to be a certain amount, which will mean that it may restrict the overall footprint of the buildings on the site, which would obviously affect the block and how it’s all going to fit.

It’s not as easy as just reading through control regulations. It’s very easy to miss something when you’re not familiar with it and often mistakes are made by people who try to do it themselves.

It can be very difficult because some regulation documents can be 100-200 pages long.

If you don’t know which part to look at, then you could run into big problems. And if you don’t know what part of the regulations covers issues such as potential fire risks, flooding areas, acid sulphate soils etc you could be in trouble later down the track.

You really have to know where to look to determine what potential issues you might encounter.

“This is basically what we do for our clients every day. They tell us what they have and what they want, and we help break it all down for them.”

Ultimately what clients really want to know is; What we can do for them and what will it cost them?

It’s not as easy as just reading through control regulations.

Usually, they have rung the council and know whether they can create a Dual Occupancy.

They know they want to put an offer to buy this block of land, but they still hesitate because they don’t know what it’s going to cost them to build.

That’s when the call us or fill in a form on our website, or come to see us to discuss, first of all whether they can do it and whether it’s going to fit in their budget.

This is where we can really help because it costs them nothing to come and sit down and talk to us.

We spend an hour with them. If they give us the address, we can do a quick council search and haul out any potential issues that might come up for them, and give them an idea of what is and what is not possible.

When we know the construction budget, and we always ask people to be open and honest with us about that.

We can then tell them, based on the information given, and based on our construction costs for a similar type of development, roughly what size developments you’ll be able to get and approximately what it will cost.

From there we can reverse engineer it back to its potential sale price and what the return could possibly be.

So we’ve really got three steps here.

Step 1 Ring council and make sure you can develop it.

Step 2 Book a free consultation to discuss your requirements with us.

Step 3 Come and have a conversation with us.

This is not going to cost anything and you’ll know you’ve got someone who knows what they’re talking about and that nothing’s going to be missed.

Ultimately, even if clients decide not to come on board with us, we’re still happy to give them that advice knowing that they’ll make a better, more informed decision because making sure that, if they’re going to spend half a million dollars on a property with a certain outcome in mind, we want to make sure that they’re going to get that.

And if they have spent $500,000 on a block of land that they will not be able to develop, well then, they’ll never make a profitable return and they will have wasted their money and time.

If you’re thinking of a Dual Occupancy project call us for a free consultation and save time, money and gain peace of mind.

Book in a call to chat about your dual occupancy build!


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