What is a Dual Occupancy


What is a dual occupancy?

A dual occupancy is two buildings on the one site. They can either be attached in any configuration that you like or they can be detached.

What you can and can’t do will be restricted by the land zoning that is set by your local council.  You council will tell you what you can and can’t do.  Each block of land is restricted by the land zoning. So what you can and can’t do is governed by the council as well as the size of your block.

What does attached and not attached mean?

Attached means that there’s a common wall between them.  Some dual occupancy houses are side by side with a common wall running down the centre of them.  Generally, anything that’s attached by a common wall.  

Attached can also be back to front. Generally, anything that’s attached by a common wall is an “attached” dual occupancy.  A garage wall can be used as the main separator if the dwellings are side by side facing the street.

Detached means exactly what it says.  The dwellings are completely separate. There are no common walls to it.

There could be one dwelling at the front, or one behind at the back, and there’s landscaping or open space in between the two buildings.